Zanzibar Regional Information

Regional information on attractions of game reserves, national parks, beaches, cultural areas and hotels of Zanzibar.
  • Architecture of Time

    Walking around Zanzibar's famous Stone Town is an architecture buff's delight the variety of building styles on view provides a whistle-stop tour of the island's long and varied history. Arab

  • Chumbe Island

    Towards the end of the stuffy hydrofoil crossing from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, to Zanzibar Island, I stepped out onto the deck and was momentarily blinded by the brilliance of the turquoise Indian

  • History of Spice

    Even those people who've only dreamed of visiting Zanzibar have usually heard its nickname 'The Spice Island'. Just the word conjures up heady, exotic aromas and rich, exciting flavours

  • Breezes Beach Park

    Hotels on Zanzibar

    Zanzibar Hotels...Info on Zanzibar Hotels...The hotel offers a full service...those guests who are in Zanzibar on business...Zanzibar and its surrounding islands

  • Ocean Crossroads

    There's something so exotic about the name Zanzibar that the uninitiated might conclude it is not a real place at all, but simply a name from a fairytale of the east, or the thousand and one nights

  • Pleasure Island

    Most travellers to Tanzania come to conquer Kilimanjaro or watch wildlife in famous Serengeti National Park. But afterwards everyone heads off to relax on Zanzibar

  • Shetani

    I'm sitting on a plastic chair on a piece of wasteground created by the collapse of two tall, previously imposing Arab townhouses in the old quarter of Zanzibar Town. Just outside the remains of

  • The Moon and the Music

    The radio, wired up to a car battery, crackles into life in the near darkness outside the first house of Kizimbani village, where a small crowd has gathered to listen for the moon. Above us the sky

  • Eating and Drinking in Tanzania and Zanzibar: Zanzibar East Africa: Tanzania Travel Article...

    Zanzibar Cuisine

    How would you like your meal, sir? Reclining on a cushion and gazing over the rooftops of the ancient Stone Town? Bobbing gently on the deck of an ocean-going dhow as the sun sets behind the