FAQ | Travelling in Zanzibar

What are the major distances between the towns and the airport?

About 15 to 45 minutes from Zanzibar International Airport, there are a number of accommodation venues, in and out of Stone Town. Stone Town is the centre of Zanzibar and is filled with a variety of restaurants, markets and interesting sights to see.

How do I get to Zanzibar?

The best way to get to get to Zanzibar is to take a flight from Dar es Salaam. Flights land in Dar es Salaam from Europe and South Africa on a weekly basis. Once at Zanzibar International Airport your hotel will collect you and accommodate you in comfort.

How do I get around in Zanzibar?

There are transfer services to get you from one point to the next but Zanzibar is not a self-drive destination. If you would like to explore the island, you can get a scooter or a bicycle and tour around. Please note that car hire is limited.