FAQ | Zanzibar Accommodation

What kind of accommodation is available in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is an island destination. The typical accommodation includes guest houses, hotels, beach resorts and island getaways. Check-in time is usually at 2pm or 3pm with check-out being at 12pm noon.

Is Zanzibar a good family destination?

Zanzibar is a great destination for families and children. Most of the establishments cater for children of all ages. Some places have more activities for children. There are a few establishments which do not take children under twelve years of age. Please remember that the resorts and hotels in Zanzibar are set-up so that people without children may enjoy their vacation in peace and quiet.

Is Zanzibar a Special Needs and Wheelchair friendly destination?

Zanzibar International Airport will have the necessary means to get you out of the airport. When you get transferred, make sure that you are comfortable and if you need padding due to skin sensitivity, advise the driver of this. The hotels in Zanzibar are not set-up for physically challenged persons as most of the hotels are one step up off the pavement. If you are flexible and don't mind being moved in and out of the hotel, then upmarket establishments are advised, where there is lots of space and a bedside telephone.

There are no specially adapted vehicles, so you will require help getting into taxis (cabs) or the transfer vehicles for Spice Island Tours. Any medication you need must be brought with you. Make sure to keep your belongings safe and to have extra copies of your travel documents.

Activities are not difficult to arrange, just make sure to explain what you can and can't do and the perfect itinerary will be made for you. You can still go on many of the tours and explore Stone Town a bit.