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  • General Zanzibar FAQ

    What is the Capital City of Zanzibar? The capital of Zanzibar is Stone Town. What is the climate and weather like in Zanzibar? Zanzibar has a warm and tropical climate

  • Enjoy an idyllic island escape in Zanzibar.

    Why visit Zanzibar ?

    What are the Top 10 Reasons to Visit Zanzibar? The main attraction is Stone Town and Zanzibar's spectacular turquoise ocean, which is full of marvelous marine life and exquisite coral formations

  • Zanzibar Accommodation FAQ

    What kind of accommodation is available in Zanzibar? Zanzibar is island destination. The typical accommodation includes guest houses, hotels, beach resorts and island getaways

  • Zanzibar Health FAQ

    Do I need to take malaria precautions? Please consult your doctor regarding the correct malaria medication for your trip. Is the water safe to drink? Tap water is not recommended

  • Zanzibar Travel FAQ

    What are the major distances between the towns and the airport? About 15 to 45 minutes from Zanzibar International Airport, there are a number of accommodation venues, in and out of Stone Town

  • Zanzibar's Entertainment FAQ

    What is the Food & Cuisine Like? Most lodges, hotels and restaurants in Zanzibar delicious Pan-African and European cuisine with the main focus on seafood